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Our Mission

Get to know us

To Bring Fitness and Wellness to the Senior and Parkinson’s Community, focusing on a balance of physical, social, mental and cognitive health.

"We believe that movement makes miracles."

Our Vision

From Our Founders

Our Vision is to expand by incorporating our program into as many senior communities and exercise facilities as possible to ensure that all senior citizens have access to get the help they need to improve their quality of life.

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Our Values

Get to know us

Compassion, Empathy, Empowerment, Commitment, & Community

Meet Nikki

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Nikki is the co-Founder and an Active-Ager Movement Specialist at Body Brain Train. She is an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition coach as well as a certified group fitness instructor. She also holds certifications in Levels 1 and 2 Box N Burn and Jungshin Fitness.

Nikki has been in the fitness industry for well over 20 years. Besides Body BrainTrain, she owns a kickboxing gym in Simi Valley, where she specializes in Women’s Empowerment and self-defense.

In 2018, Nikki received the CKO Kickboxing Humanitarian Award for her service in the community, and in 2021 she won Business Person of the Year though the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce where she currently also sits on the Board of
Directors since 2023.

In her free time she likes to hike, go on outdoor adventures and spend time with her dogs.

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Nikki Lian

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Gabby Sifuentes

Meet Gabby

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Gabby Sifuentes is the co-founder and trainer at Body Brain Train. She believes in the importance of seniors staying active and helps to improve their quality of life by bringing different activities to them and teaching at the Body Brain Train Community Center.

Gabby is certified in boxing from Box N Burn Academy. She is also certified in teaching classes that instruct people on how to box with neurological disorders. During 2020, she began teaching boxing in Spanish through Zoom to people with Parkinson's disease and now Gabby currently teaches in over 15 countries!

With a background in dance and music, Gabby loves to teach dancing and brings her knowledge to cardio drumming class. In her free time, Gabby loves horseback riding, practices martial arts, swims and most recently began scuba diving.

Meet Our Trainers & Volunteers

Jenny Allen

Hi, I’m Jenny Allen. I have volunteered with Body Brain Train for about a year now.  I absolutely love working with all our members. Seeing the happiness on folks faces when they know they are improving and getting stronger is unparalleled.

I’ve known BBT founders Nikki and Gabby for about 6 years now . Nikki is the one that started me on my own personal fitness journey about 5 years & almost 70 pounds and several Spartan races ago. 


But as much as my physical accomplishments meant, and still mean to me, I’m always a work in progress, I’m MOST proud of his being part of the Body Brain Train organization. When I started, in my mind, it was to honor my father, who suffered a complete loss of mobility in the months before he passed away. 


I feel that if I can help somebody else in some tiny way avoid that fate, to get stronger, live happier and thrive more, then I’ve done good & if we have fun along the way--even better!!!

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Meet Our Trainers & Volunteers

Jaclyn Pieper

Jaclyn is a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Throughout my life, I have always felt better mentally and physically when I’ve been active. I also enjoy the challenge that fitness brings with lead me to completing my first Ironman triathlon in November 2018.


I love helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. I make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health-related issues.

I also enjoy some non-traditional exercise. I took my first Jungshin class in August 2022. I really enjoyed how it incorporates mediation into movement. I have since became a Jungshin Certfied Instructor.

I serve as the Chapter Captain for Team Red, White and Blue Ventura County. I served in the CA Army National Guard from 2006-2015.

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